Couples Therapy

Couples Therapy Toronto:

We offer couples therapy for all types of partnerships and concerns. Our Master’s levels therapists are specifically trained in couple and marital therapy. Our therapists offer both Gottman Method Couples Therapy and Emotion-Focused Couples Therapy. These two perspectives allow you the opportunity to consider yourself and your relationship from a new perspective, and learn new skills and ways of thinking that will enable you to move forward. Our therapists are compassionate, supportive, and inclusive and get to know you and the concerns you bring to therapy and use these when developing goals and specific approaches to therapy.

About Couples Therapy Approach:

Couples therapy can be helpful wherever you are in the trajectory of your relationship. We offer therapy whether you are just beginning to date, in need of premarital counselling, working through ongoing challenges or transitions, or considering or experiencing separation/divorce, Our therapists provide a space to help you explore your needs and your role in your relationship and use this to create lasting change in relationship dynamics. Couples therapy can help establish common goals and create a safe space for each member of the couple to hear the other and feel heard. Our therapists focus on strengthening the foundation of your relationship and rebuilding friendship when there has been conflict and hurt. They use an active, strength-based, and, at times, structured approach to help you build important communication and relationship skills. They frequently offer thought provoking questions to create dialogue and re/connection and to find ways couples can support one another more effectively. Couples therapy can be helpful for a wide variety of concerns, including: communication, fighting, problem solving, infertility and pregnancy loss, long-distance, life transition, and affair recovery. Our therapists can also help you explore, proceed with, or recover from uncoupling.   Additionally, we offer sex therapy for couples who are facing issues around intimacy and sexuality. Our services are LGBTQ-positive/queer-positive and poly-positive.

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couples therapy toronto

Couples therapy toronto