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Family Therapy Toronto:

We offer family therapy to all manner of families and family groupings. Our family therapists are both Masters level practitioners with specific training in family therapy. They approach their work with expertise, empathy and caring while meeting the specific needs of the family. Our therapists are compassionate and supportive and get to know your family and the concerns you bring to therapy and use these when developing goals and specific approaches to therapy.

About Family Therapy Approach:

Families can have a significant impact on the way that we see ourselves and interact with others. When we feel safe, loved, and understood in our families, we are able to explore the world and take risks, knowing that we have a secure base to return to. There are many things that can get in the way of families functioning the way they used to, or the way they would prefer. Families often face challenges related to life transitions, separation/divorce, blended families, conflict, loss, changing roles and responsibilities, differing values, communication issues, and gaps in understanding one another. Issues that affect one person, such as mental health concerns, addiction, andΒ disability, can significantly impact the whole family. Family therapy can help to establish common goals between family members and create a safe space for each member of the family to hear one another and feel heard. Our therapists are trained to be attuned to power dynamics that can sometimes make it challenging for family members to communicate and understand each other's perspectives and needs. As family therapists, we help to explore the strengths and resources of your family, get at the root of issues, and find ways family members can support one another more effectively.Β 

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Family Therapy Toronto

family therapy torontoFamily Therapy Toronto