Individual Psychotherapy Toronto: For Adults, Adolescents, and Children

We offer individual therapy for adult, adolescent, and child clients coping with a wide range of concerns. All of our Masters level therapists are trained in individual psychotherapy from a variety of psychotherapeutic perspectives. They approach your concerns with empathy and caring and value the development of a trusting therapeutic relationship. Our therapists employ: narrative therapy, solution-focused therapy, cognitive-behavioural therapy, guided imagery, compassion-focused therapy, dialogic therapy, contextual therapy, and client-centered therapy.

About Psychotherapy:

Psychotherapy (sometimes called talk therapy) addresses personal difficulties and concerns.ย It gives you a space to speak openly and confidentially about your concerns and feelings with one of our trained professionals. Together with your therapist, you will develop a confidential and trusting relationship to discuss problematic thoughts, feelings or behaviours. There are many issuesย that psychotherapy can help, see our services page for a comprehensive list. Some common concerns in individual psychotherapy are: anxiety, depression, self-esteem, relationship issues, disordered eating, sleep difficulties, indecision, trauma, panic attacks, behaviour change, grief/loss, identity issues, and stress. While attending therapy can sometimes feel daunting and nerve wracking, our therapists job is to make you feel comfortable and able to share your thoughts and feelings. The therapeutic relationship is unique, unlike a friendship or a family relationship. The structure and uniqueness of the relationship, with strict boundaries and ethical guidelines, are what enable trust and create change in therapy.

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Psychotherapy Toronto