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Style & Approach:

My name is Gabby Switzer. Conflict, loss, and distress are inevitable aspects of the human experience that can benefit from a supportive therapeutic relationship. I am lucky to work collaboratively with folks in therapy, to support them through the distressing experiences they have lived through, and the distress that they continue to navigate. My approach involves radically accepting stories, and meeting their narrators’ with gentle empathy and humour, wherever they are situated in their lives. I am also interested in working with folks to explore alternative realities that might serve them in ways that support their agency and joy. In addition to supporting folks in accessing more agency in their lives, I work to promote agency in the therapy space. Consent and collaboration are the pillars of my practical approach. I ask folks: what medium would you most feel comfortable to engage in healing?

I am driven by working with folks to challenge unwanted dominating storylines, and connecting our individual experiences to the broader social structures that we interact with, when that is welcomed. I have extensive experience working with folks from queer and trans communities, particularly those who are also a part of religious and spiritual communities. The issues that I tend to work with are depression, anxiety, negative self-perception, and navigating homophobia and transphobia. I sincerely look forward to connecting, not only to support you through your current chapter, but also to support you in envisioning abundant joy and agency for the future. 

Qualifications: Gabby Switzer 

I have a Masters in Social Work from York University where I studied Family Mediation, Narrative Therapy, and systems-based approaches to counselling and community work. This education has provided me with a critical social work foundation which is anti-colonial, anti-racist, and anti-oppressive. During the past five years I have obtained various certifications and participated in several trainings which include Narrative Therapy Training with the School of Narrative Therapy in Vancouver, Level 2-Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Training from the Association for Psychological Therapies Canada, Grief Literacy Training, and a Trauma and Resilience Certification. I am a current member of the Ontario Association of Social Workers (OASW) and I am registered with the Ontario College of Social Workers and Social Service Workers.

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