Luiza Lobo

Luiza Lobo, MA, RP

Style & Approach:

I have been working as a Registered Psychotherapist for the past 9 years. As a first-generation Immigrant, I have experienced the complexities one faces while trying to navigate a new and diverse culture. As a member of the BIPOC and South Asian community, I bring lived experience of various challenges faced in my professional and personal life. This helps me meet you where you are at, and to provide the care and support you need. I works with individuals, couples, the BIPOC community, refugees, newcomers, and individuals diagnosed with chronic mental health conditions. I believe in a strength-based, trauma focused approach that is person-centered, eclectic and recognizes the unique needs and challenges that an individual experiences. I provide has an individually tailored treatment plan to people who are affected by a range of emotional issues. My eclectic clinical approach allows for a collaborative process within the therapeutic relationship, giving my style of therapy a personal touch.


My expertise includes Assessment and Psychotherapy.  I have formal training and certification in CBT & SFT and experience conducting workshops on various mental health topics in various setups. I have extensive experience working with a wide range of individuals who have experienced Trauma, Depression, Anxiety, Addiction and other chronic mental health diagnosis or challenges. I have a background in working with human trafficking survivors, individuals with current or past history of partner violence or relationship conflicts, motor vehicle accidents, Employee Assistance Programs, substance use, and individuals experiencing grief/loss.

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